Custom Embroidered dice bags for the wargaming and gaming industry.


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Annie and Gareth would like to say a massive thank you to everyone for all their support through these strange times and we hope our customers old and new stay safe. 

At present our fabric supplier is still not open, and won't be until at least the 4th of July. As such I can only produce custom orders with black outer fabric, if you require any other colour please still send in an enquiry form and I will get back to you as soon as I am able to get new fabrics.

Please note that dice are currently unavailable on our webstore. If you would like to purchase, please contact me via email - cosydice@gmail.com

All About Cosy Dice Bags;

Here at Cosy Dice we produce high quality dice bags. We stock a standard range of dice bags for all gaming systems, but also produce custom designs to suit any need.

Each bag is fully lined with high quality fleece, making it reversible. The drawstring is fastened with a toggle, ensuring your dice are cosy and safe within the bag during transport. All designs are machine embroidered. The threads we use are all of the best quality (gutterman and marathon), and we source our fabrics from a local distributor. The bags are made to last.

The designs can be tailored to whatever you have in your mind, and as gamers ourselves, we understand the necessity of getting everything just right.

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